Frequently asked questions

Is it secure?

Yes! We use PayGenius to process our payments and store credit cards. We also use API's to integrate with the PayGenius.

Does an item have an expiry date?

Yes. We make expiry dates long enough though to make sure a beneficiary has more than enough time to access the item. The expiration period for the items are as follows:
A yummy meal - 7 days A night's stay - 3 days A warm blanket - 4 days

What happens if someone does not want an item?

If someone asked for a meal and did not want the item, it is concerning. There is a big problem with con-artists asking for food just to get money, which is often spent on unhealthy habits. One of the benefits of using Cheese, is that it allows you to get an idea what someone's true intentions are.

Where can I use Cheese? (only in Stellenbosch?)

Currently Cheese is only available in Stellenbosch. We are looking to expand to other areas though and planning to start expanding by the end of May.

What happens if someone does redeem an item I have bought for them?

After the transaction costs have been deducted, the remaining balance goes to Heartflow NPC (86,5%). Heartflow NPC is a non-profit company and their funds can only be used to help the homeless described in their memorandum of incorporation. This includes running the coupon system and a soup kitchen over weekends in Stellenbosch.

Are some of the items free?

Yummy meals are for free 6 days a week and only Saturdays requires payment.

What if I don't have space on our phone?

Our web app is for you. It takes almost no space and can be accessed through following this link: Add the screen to your homepage for easy access.